Human Values

The Toogoolawa School is interdenominational and spiritually inclined.

It not only seeks to provide a basic education but also to give students  a strong and practical philosophy for living: that service, truthfulness and consideration for others lead to a happy, fulfilled and effective life.

Love – Use caring and respectful words; develop compassion, kindness, generosity and greatness of spirit; care for the environment, each other and ourselves.

Truth – Speak honestly and confidently; develop the power of reason, intuition and a sense of inquiry.

Peace – Develop respect, calmness, patience, forgiveness and self-control; value others; move without hurry.

Right Conduct – Develop respect for society’s laws, other people and other cultures; accept responsibility; behave towards others as you would like others to behave towards you.

Non-violence – Refrain from hurtful words or actions; practise forbearance and tolerance towards others.

Toogoolawa encourages students to strive towards living the five Human Values.