The Toogoolawa model is unique to the School and has been designed to revolve around the five universal Human Values of
Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence.

The practice of 'Mindfulness Meditation' is central to the function of the Toogoolawa School.

In the 17 years of Toogoolawa's operations, over 1580 students have benefited from the education program. Of these, about one third of the boys have integrated back into mainstream schooling. Others enter traineeships or TAFE courses. Around 85% of the students leave Toogoolawa and take on some form of work or study.

The commitment of each teacher to become an ideal role model for the five Human Values is what seems to make the Toogoolawa model so effective.


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I am grateful for being in the Prema class because of all the things the amazing staff have taught me.
They actually know how to help students with problems different to normal schools. I am grateful for a country that lets schools like Toogoolawa School exist.

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Since starting at Toogoolawa School I have stopped miss-behaving at home. I have started calming down quicker. I have been more focused so Toogoolawa has helped me lots, thanks to all the teachers.

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Before I came to Toogoolawa I was very physical and fighting all the time. I was bullied a lot and always resorted to fighting. I had no motivation to get up in the morning.
This school has helped me become a better person and I'm now doing a lot better at controlling my anger. The staff here have helped me so much and taught me so many things.

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News Article About Toogoolawa

"They go in hard and come out proud. But at the Toogoolawa school for 'lost boys', the greatest lesson learned is that someone cares."