connorI like Toogoolawa School because they gave me another chance as I had no other school to go to. 
I couldn’t cope in mainstream schools because I just couldn’t sit in the classroom all day and do class work.  I need to be doing things with my hands.  I have to be active. 
I thank my teachers for what they have done for me.  I feel like I am now a better human being as I have learnt not to get angry really quickly.  I have also learnt to take responsibility for my actions and to control my swearing.
Now I find I can actually sit in a classroom and do work, which I could never do before, so I really believe that this school has been good for me and would be good for anyone.

isiahBefore I came to Toogoolawa School, I had anger problems and I would always be in fights or hanging out late with my mates causing trouble and doing things I shouldn’t have done.  I have been kicked out of every school around where I live all because of my anger.
Toogoolawa School has given me a second chance.  Not only that, but a chance to change who I am.  They have helped me with my anger and ways to calm down when I have been all fired up. 
I’m writing to say thank you to everyone who supports Toogoolawa School as well as thanks for the help I have received.


Since being at Toogoolawa School I have changed a lot.  I even became School Captain. 
I’ve caught up with my work and I did work experience and I really like it.  I really enjoyed working at BCF. 
At Toogoolawa School you go on outings every week.  Usually my class went to the beach and we always had lots of fun.
Toogoolawa is the best school I have been to.


Before I attended Toogoolawa School I was stuffing up and fighting. I would throw stuff at teachers, swear at them and refuse to do my work.
Now I’ve gotten a bit better and I don’t swear at the teachers anymore.  I have learnt self-respect and these days I try to help the teachers out.

Hi, I am 12 years of age and I have been suspended from every school I have gone to as well as being expelled from four schools.  Making the decision to attend Toogoolawa School was a great choice for me and I feel like I belong here.
I guess I really want to express my appreciation to all those who support Toogoolawa School.


Hi, I have been at Toogoolawa School for a year now and want to say thank you for all the people behind the scenes who support the school.
I would like to be here when we get the new classrooms – I think they are going to be awesome.
I really have appreciated the support I have received at Toogoolawa School and appreciate all the kindness shown towards me.


connahTo me, I think that Toogoolawa School was a second chance.  Mainstream wouldn’t have me and no-one would help me in mainstream. 
Before coming to Toogoolawa, I struggled with my work because teachers wouldn’t give me any one-on-one attention. 
Since being at Toogoolawa I have improved in all of my work and I love it here because we have heaps of fun.
I thank the teachers for their support and all my classmates for the friendship.

Hi.  I would like to express my appreciation to all the people who provide money and support to run Toogoolawa School.
I am very thankful for the time I have spent here and just wanted to say thank you.


Before coming to Toogoolawa School, I had been kicked out of 3 different high schools.  Toogoolawa School to me means second chances.
Before coming to Toogoolawa School I used to have a bad temper, but now I don’t really have one as   I have developed more respect and self-control.  If it wasn’t for Toogoolawa School I would most likely be in trouble with the police and others.


Hi, I attend Toogoolawa School.  I came to this school because of stress and anxiety issues at my old school.
I am writing to say thank you to all our valuable supporters.  Your generous support has blessed our school, our staff and our students.
Kind regards

Before I came to Toogoolawa School I had bad anger issues and got kicked out of two other schools in five months. 
I believe that Toogoolawa School has helped me heaps and that it would also help anyone else who has trouble fitting into mainstream schools.

I started coming to Toogoolawa School in 2013.  At my last school there were bullies so I had to come here for a break. 
I love Toogoolawa School because we get ham and cheese toasties at lunch time and we get to play bin ball and walk to the park.  I like my new class because all the teachers are nice.
I thank Toogoolawa School for giving me a chance.