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The Toogoolawa model is unique to the School and has been designed to revolve around the five universal Human Values of

Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence.

The practice of

'Mindfulness Meditation'

is central to the function of the Toogoolawa School.

Since Toogoolawa began operations in 1998, over 1580 students have benefited from the education program. Of these, about one third of the boys have integrated back into mainstream schooling. Others enter traineeships or TAFE courses. Around 85% of the students leave Toogoolawa and take on some form of work or study.

The commitment of each teacher to become an ideal role model for the five Human Values is what seems to make the Toogoolawa model so effective.


We, as directors , teaching staff and auxiliary committee members of the Toogoolawa Schools Limited , affirm that it is our intention to instigate reform in the education system of Australia, by our example in the various Toogoolawa Schools throughout this land, so that all school children whose behaviour at present excludes them from gaining a sound education may be given a ‘second chance’ through the application of Educare, that form of teaching which rests on these foundation principles:

1. That the ideal outcome of education is for the student to have a good character.

2. That the five universal Human Values of Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct and Non-violence are present in full degree in every individual person (like fire hidden within wood) and that good character or human excellence is witnessed to the extent that the person lives true to these Values.

3. That the essential environment for nurturing the growth and expression of these life-affirming and confidence-enhancing Values in the students is one where teachers, parents, volunteers and mentors strive consistently to become real-life examples of the Human Values in action, and where the Values are integrated into every aspect of the school curriculum.


1998 Ormeau, Queensland about 30kms south of Brisbane just off the M1.


Multum in Parvo
(much in little)


Independent, non-denominational. Member of Independent Schools of Queensland.


Toogoolawa School is for boys from grades 3-10 who find it too difficult to function in mainstream schools, particularly those boys who feel overwhelmed by large numbers of students and who respond better to small groups.

Student Population

115 Boys


Leelah Broughton


The Toogoolawa School employs professionally qualified teachers and youth workers. Staff are also inserviced in the Educare philosophy. The ratio of teaching staff to students is kept at 1 to 7 or less as much as possible. Volunteers are carefully selected and trained for all individualised programs.


The Toogoolawa School is registered with the non state school board of Queensland. Although greater emphasis is placed on character development than scholastic performance, the academic program is still based on the national curriculum. Attendance at Toogoolawa School leads the student into an educational world which is not confined to the classroom but also utilises adventure therapy, community service and sport as opportunities to develop social skills, courage and self-esteem.


In 2017 our facilities underwent a major upgrade. This included the addition of two modern classrooms, manual arts room, home economics classroom and administration building. A wellbeing hub offers space for group work, psychology sessions, individual sessions, medical appointments and specialised learning, eg yoga, etc.


$45 per week to cover study material and resources, freshly made lunch daily, weekly outings and transport to and from Ormeau Train Station.

Consideration is given to families who struggle financially.