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Parents are encouraged to support their son's progress at school by


Communicating as much as possible with school staff via email, text or in person.


Seeking to live according to the five Human Values, thereby becoming an excellent role-model for their son.


Making themselves available for discussions with the teachers and attending open days at the School.


Displaying in the home (perhaps on the door of the refrigerator) the 'wise saying' being focused on during that week at the School.


A student seeking enrolment in the school will be interviewed with his parent/carer by the Principal. Initial enrolment would be for a trial period of four weeks.

For enrolment to proceed after the trial period, the teachers must be confident that the student and parent(s) or guardian(s) are willing to cooperate with them and support the aims of the school.

Presently boys participate in one of 4 class groups

Ahimsa Class

for boys aged 13 - 15 who are disengaged and anxious.

Prema Class

for boys aged 13 - 15 who have a disability or who struggle with staying on task.

Shanti Class

for boys aged 9 - 13 who are disengaged and anxious.

Dharma Class

for boys aged 9 - 15 who struggle with behavioural choice.